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End User Adoption Tips

Another 4x4 panel is coming up today, so I figured I'd jot down my thoughts here. Lots of companies have problems with end user adoption and MS CRM. Heck, it's why I have a job! :) So... here are a few end user adoption tips, in no particular order:

    • Offer ongoing training and support materials in a variety of formats.
    • hope everybody knows this by  now: people learn differently. Some people (like me) learn best when actually doing something. Others learn well by writing, and others by seeing. I try to make sure to cater to all types when training. Plus, it helps to break up the training by doing different things. Movement in a training is good too! I used to threaten large groups with yoga poses for on-site trainings when I noticed they weren't paying attention. (Tip: Tree pose gets people standing & laughing!)

      Here are some things I've done to offer ongoing training & a variety of support materials:Tips.png

  • Reference Manuals: separate for users & managers
  • Webinar training
  • Lunch & Learn: one topic, 15-30 mins. Join if you're interested
  • Video clips on intranet with single topics
  • Live in-person training / demos
  • Blogs
  • One-on-one / small group screen share sessions
  • Always have a leave behind. No matter what training I do, I always have a leave behind. Sometimes it's a simple how-to, other times it is a complete user reference.
  • Involve users during the business requirements stage. It is extremely important to customize for your end users. If they aren't using it - nobody gets reports, etc out of it!
  • Keep your system simple. Nobody wants to fill out 25 required fields. Streamline your business processes, have a minimum number of required fields and keep your forms clean (you can leverage out of box permission levels for this)
  • Identify CRM Ambassadors and empower them to help you!


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