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Improving CRM Merge Performance

When you merge records in CRM, the system needs to search for any references to the old record and update them to the new master record. So when you merge two contacts, CRM has to look for any accounts the contact is the Primary Contact of, any activities they are part of, any leads they are related to, and so on for every 1:N and N:N relationship defined in the Contact entity.

While this works pretty well for a default CRM installation, every custom relationship you create on the lead, contact, account or case entities will only slow down the merging process. Worse still, when you create a custom relationship CRM does not create an index on the underlying table to allow it to be searched efficiently. If you create a 1:N relationship on contacts in a database with 100K contacts you'll likely see the time taken to merge contacts go up by several seconds. Not a problem if you're just doing occasional merges, but if you have several such relationships or you're doing a large scale data cleanse those few seconds quickly add up.

Luckily fixing the problem isn't too hard with a few well-placed indexes on the SQL database. If you're running On-Premise you can create these yourself, for Online you'll need to raise a support ticket with Microsoft to create them.

If you're running On-Premise you might want to use a script to find all the columns you need to add an index to. The query below finds any relationships that aren't already covered by an index and gives you a suggested CREATE INDEX statement to index them.


May all your merges be lightning fast!


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