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Secure Your Business Data with Multi Factor Authentication For CRM / Dynamics 365 Online

Security is on everyone’s mind and has been for quite some time. I can think of no other top of mind security concern than securing my CRM data. For those of us with Office 365 and CRM/ Dynamics 365 in the same tenant, the answer to a higher level of security is a few minutes away: multi factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of authentication that requires the use of more than one verification method and adds a second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions. It works by requiring any two or more of the following verification methods:
• Randomly generated pass code (text or app)
• Phone call
• Smart card (virtual or physical)
• A biometric device

An Office 365 Administrator can configure this by turning the feature on for specific or all users. After this feature is enabled, the user will be prompted to setup a two step verification process when they login to Office 365. The user can select from several options to continue the verification process.

I would recommend setting up more than one verification method. If you travel a lot for work, consider setting up Microsoft Authenticator for your verification method. It's a simple verification method to use, and a way to avoid text or call charges. Its available for every major phone OS at their respective app store.

If you are using Office 2013 client software you have one more step to take… you'll need to create an app password so they can connect to your Office 365 account. Office 2016 has built in support and requires no additional step.

Once these settings are in place you can rest a little easier that your CRM / Dynamics 365 data is more secure.


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