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What Types of Companies Can Benefit From Simple Project Management?

Simple-Product-Management.jpgThere are many types of companies that need project management, but when they look at the complex project management tracking systems that are available they may feel overwhelmed.  They may feel that their only choices are to continue to track their projects in email or Excel, or to purchase a system that is too hard to manage and won’t get used.

What they really need is a simple project management system.

Here are some specific examples of companies that can benefit from simple project management:

  • Software Implementation/IT Partners
    Software implementation is a project. Companies that implement solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM need to break out the scope of a project, then enter and track time, billable and non-billable, against the total project budget. 
  • Catering Companies
    A wedding is a project. The caterer needs to track and assign specific tasks such as: How many tables are there? Who is setting up the tables? When does the cake get cut and who does it?  What does the chef need to order? Each of these tasks needs to be assigned, tracked, and completed.
  • Construction/Design Building Companies
    With a building project, there is a start and a finish and certain things need to happen at certain times. Perhaps different contractors are used, in a specific order, to complete each phase of the project. When does the customer get billed? Is the project on schedule? They need to see the entire project schedule broken down into milestones.
  • Bookkeeping Companies
    Bookkeepers provide repeatable services such as quarterly reviews. They need to have a project template for each company to remind them of the tasks that need to be performed every quarter, when they are scheduled to happen, and who is assigned to complete them.
  • Membership Associations
    Some organizations, such as hospital associations, add value to their members by providing monthly educational sessions with career credits. Or perhaps they plan an annual event or sell educational materials. Managing the contacts requires some sort of centralized project management tool that connects to their CRM system.
  • Companies with Internal Projects
    A company can use simple project management even if they are not dealing with customers. Let’s say there is an internal project that will help increase efficiency. Perhaps installing a new conveyer belt system in a distribution warehouse. By tracking tasks, milestones, and time the company can easily determine the true project costs, even if nobody is getting billed.
  • Simple Project Management
    In each of these examples the company doesn't need complicated tracking of things like resource utilization and deployment.
    They just want to be able to say, “Here is the project. There is a start and a finish. This is what we need to get done and who is going to do it. This is how much time we have spent, and billed, against the total budget.” Done. Then they can focus on delivering the project and making their customer happy instead of dealing with a complicated software system.

The right tool for this type of company is Crowe Project Management, a simple project management system that sits right inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365.)

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By Ryan Plourde, Crowe Horwath, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner

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